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“In May 2015 I contracted a case of Shingles. The pain was terrible. The doctors prescribed painkillers for the pain, but they helped very little. The pain lasted over 1 1/2 years. In October of 2016 I heard of Magnetic Pulse Treatments. After 4 sessions my pain was 85% gone. WOW. I could start wearing a shirt all day and it gave me my life back. I would highly recommend this treatment for nerve pain.”
Frank S.

“Scottie, I wanted to ADD my testimonial to your Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy with my personal experience. After 2 treatments, my extreme tightness & pain in my leg from buttock/hamstring to lower calf was relieved and I could again sit and sleep comfortably. After the 3rd treatment, I was walking well and felt close to normal with no more need of pain killers. The 4th was my own option to maintain the great feeling and allowing my body to continue to repair & heal itself. I highly recommend this PEMF technology. My injury was sudden and unknown & the treatments also quick & successful. It got me back to functioning again.
Thank you again for being available to quickly work on my leg. I am a believer in PEMF.”

Wellness Happens | PEMF Therapy | Argyle, TX
One day after eye surgery, eyes almost swollen shut. Patient had to have someone else drive her to her PEMF Therapy
Wellness Happens | PEMF Therapy | Argyle, TX
One day after PEMF Therapy, patient has no swelling or pain. Color has returned to her face.