About Wellness Happens

Chronic pain? Recovering from injury? Limited range of motion? Why not try a safe, non-invasive delivery of energy and let the body do the rest?

I have the unique opportunity to offer the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology to North Texas. This technology has been around since the late eighteen hundreds. Widely used in mainstream health fields in other parts of the world for decades, and a hot topic of research worldwide, pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is at last receiving the recognition of the mainstream. It has been embraced by many in recent years and has been used in the United States for over 10 years.

No electricity goes into the body, only the magnetic pulse. The magnetic pulse goes directly to the cells to recharge them to their optimum capacity. The magnetic pulse repairs damaged cells and allows them to regenerate and help heal the body naturally. Where there is evidence of stress, pain, inflammation, injury, swelling…. Magnetic Pulse is ideal for helping these situations.

My own story is amazing and what caused me to begin helping others. I had severe carpal tunnel in both hands. My hands were numb and hurt so badly that I had to have someone else open drink cans, bottles, pet food cans, etc. I would ask someone to pick up things for me when possible.
It made sleep difficult. I had already been to see a surgeon when a friend of mine told me about the magnet machine. He had success with his carpel tunnel using it. I went the very next day. I began sessions that day and had results with pain relief immediately. After about six weeks I took off the hand braces and have never looked back. A side benefit is the arthritis in my hand no longer hurts.
When asked why I like my business, the answer is easy for me: I truly love seeing the results that people get from the Pulsed Magnet. They get back to doing things they have not been able to do which enriches their life and mine.

I offer Pulsed Magnet sessions in the quiet country setting of my horse ranch in Argyle with a beautiful view of ponds, wild geese, ducks and quarter horses. Or, if you prefer a session in your own home I can come to you. A session lasts 30 minutes. The results are often immediate and have residual effects. Feeling even better the next day is often reported. Unlike other things that only last for the moment, pulsed magnet works to help the body heal itself.

Disclaimer: High-intensity pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is not intended for the treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease or condition. It is each individual’s responsibility to consult with their health care provider to determine if pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is right for them.

For more information contact Scottie Nelson, 972-814-7622 or email scottienel@aol.com